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Meet our Newest Host Family: Soraya and Flavio!


I just received confirmation that Soraya and Flavio are going to host the ECVA participant, Felipe from Atlanta! They have already started communicating between themselves on a regular basis. I am so happy that the placement worked out. Felipe is going to love Sao Paulo and he couldn’t have asked for a better host family.


ECVA Host Family Interview

I went to meet a potential host family for an ECVA participant named Felipe. Felipe is 23-years-old and lives and is applying to go to Sao Paulo in October. He is originally from Colombia, but moved to the US as a child. Celise met a woman that works at the tech company she teaches English at who was very interested in learning about the ECVA program and the possibility of hosting Felipe. I went to meet Soraya and her husband Flavio for dinner to explain how the program works exactly and what their responsibilities would be as hosts. I told them that they would need to offer Felipe a private room and 3-meal per day. In exchange for this, Felipe is required to help them practice their English for 15-hours-per-week. The interview went very well!

Party for “Raid!”



Last Friday night, my host brothers Joao and Paulo threw a house-warming party for me. The funniest thing is the way they spelled my name. Instead of Heidi they spelled it Raid (pronounced like Haij). They pronounce the “R” like we pronounce the “H” and they pronounce the “D” like a “J”. I thought it was hilarious, and called it the “Raid” party. It was really fun and I met about 10 new Brazilians. I prepared some appetizers, while the boys prepared some drinks. We played music and danced, and everyone was trying their best to speak English to me. I dabbled at my Portuguese and somehow – we all managed to understand each other. I was so excited to get to know everyone and feel welcomed in Sao Paulo.

IMG_2946 IMG_2932