Advanced Lesson with Bibliana

brazil 20105

I recently joined Celise at her lesson with Bibliana. Bibliana is a Brazilian woman in her 30s who is married to a French man. Her English is very advanced, however she speaks with a strong French accent because she speaks French with her husband at home. She has been taking classes with Celise in order to change her accent and to improve her English speaking skills. We met at a cute cafe that serves coffee and a delicious variety of chocolates and pastries. I had a coffee with milk and a piece of chocolate called a brigadero. We sat upstairs on the balcony. The cafe looked like it was someone’s grandmother’s house. There were photos on the walls, kitchy furniture, four long eared furry pet rabbits and birds in a cage. I introduced myself to Bibliana and we had an interesting conversation. It turns out that Bibliana is a lawyer, but she also DJs on the side. Her husband is a famous DJ in Sao Paulo at a popluar club. She told us she could get us on the list anytime we like!

The lesson was fun because we talked about phrasal verbs, which can be kind of tricky. They are expressions that we use on a daily basis that we don’t tend to think about as confusing. But for non-native speakers, they really need to be memorized. Phrasal verbs are verbs combined with prepositions in English to describe specific acts. Examples of phrasal verbs are:


Make up

Make out

Sleep in

Set up

Set out

Set down

Get back

Get on

Get off

Turn in

Turn on

Turn out

Move out

Move forward

Move back

Move to


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