The “Feira”




The day after we went to Ivonete and Rodrigo’s home for their English class, we met them in the market where they work. This is called  Feira in Portuguese. It is like a Farmers’ Market we have back home in California, where local farmers bring their goods to sell.

Vendors lined the small streets in her neighborhood with beautiful, fresh fruits and vegetables. A few of the vendors let us try an array of fruit including: plums, oranges, pineapple, guava and a strange white fruit (that I can’t even recall the name of!)

We went to see Rodrigo and Ivonete to buy dried beans, onions and potatoes. Ivonete peels all the garlic before she sells it. What a job! They were super excited to see me and I ordered in English on purpose so that they could practice speaking. I asked Ivonete how much everything cost, and she told me 6 Reales. She even gave me a discount – so sweet!

IMG_2891 IMG_2899

After that, we bought some chicken and looked at the different types of seafood. On the way out, Celise bought some flowers for her house and we bought some fresh eggs.


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