Intermediate Lesson with Erica

Intermediate Lesson with Erica



Many of Celise’s students work at the same tech company called Habber Tec. She usually goes to their office and holds the lessons in the meeting room upstairs. I went to the lesson with Erica the other day. Erica’s parents are Japanese, but she was born in Brazil. She showed me some photos of her family. One of them showed her mom and her grandmother in front of the biggest plate of sushi I had ever seen. Celise asked her what she did the previous weekend. She went to an Italian Festival and she described the amazing food she had eaten there. Erica loves tennis, so we also talked about this. I asked her about where she normally played in Sao Paulo. She said it is very expenisve to play here and you have to rent courts. Her and her husband are taking lessons together. Erica is extremely busy and also just started taking a Spanish class. I also speak Spanish so I threw out some basic phrases, but she got a bit flustered so we returned to English. We talked about her commute to work each day and her favorite things to do in Sao Paulo. She recommended that I go to the northern outskirts of the city to hike up a big hill and get a spectacular view of the city. Thanks, Erica!


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