Happy Birthday Ranieri!


The first class I sat in with Celise was with an advanced student named Ranieri. It happened to be his birthday. Instead of meeting for his class at the office, we opted to meet at a nearby cafe to have a beer and celebrate. Ranieri speaks such a high level of English, I didn’t feel like I was at an actual class. It felt more like we were just hanging out. However, Celise never failed to correct his mistakes when needed. He loves the show Dexter, so Celise told me that they often watch the lastest episode for homework. Then they discuss what happened at the next class. I thought this was a great idea. Ranieri said he watches the shows in English, but usually puts on the English subtitles to make sure he gets everything. He said he has a hard time understanding the character Deb, because she talks too fast. More advanced students want to talk about slang words and their meanings. I thought it was hilarious that he is infatuated with “Urban Dictionary,” an online site that gives definitions for commonly used slang words in the U.S. He actually knew some things that I was clueless about!


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