English Classes with Celise


Celise is a long time friend of mine that has been living in Sao Paulo for a year and half. She works as a private English teacher and has currently has 16 Brazilian students. She let me tag along to some of her classes in order to see her teaching style first hand. I was thrilled to be invited to meet so many local Brazilians during these lessons. Each class has taught me different teaching methods to use in accordance to the student’s level. Beginners needed a lot more help with grammar and vocabulary, while the more advanced students mostly just want to converse with a native speaker. In addition to text books, Celise uses a lot of apps that she has downloaded on to her ipad with her students. If you are looking for some new activiites and ways to spice up your Enligh classes, check out these ideas: The Flashcards App, The Alphabet. She also uses: Englishclub.com and Englishpage.com


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