Saude! (Cheers!)


My host brothers are Joao (29) and Paolo (27). They are very sweet and fixed up a room for me in their apartment. On our first night together, we celebrated with an American bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey I brought to them.  (They had requested this before I arrived and were really excited because it is so expensive in Brazil!) We also tried the local drink Caiprinha. It is a delicious blend of Cachaca, lime, sugar and ice.The drinks broke the ice, and it helped the guys lose their shyness towards speaking English with me. Both of them speak much better English than they admit to – especially compared to my attempted Portuguese.

Joao and Paulo both work for the American-owned bank called Citibank, in the credit card department. The brothers work opposite schedules, which allows me to divide my time helping them with English separately. This is perfect, so that I can focus on what each one needs to improve upon. I was very happy to get to know them both that night. We talked about different foods, movies and music we all like. It turns out Paulo loves all the music I grew up with in California. Small world!


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