The World is Your Classroom


English is the most widely spoken language in the world. In any airport you go to around the globe, there will be signs translated into English. From Kiev, Ukraine to Lima, Peru to Beijing, China foreigners use English to communicate when they don’t speak the local language.  For those of us native speakers, we couldn’t be luckier, or some may say – lazier.

It is normal for many other countries to teach English in elementary school. Scandinavians learn English from the young age of six, while most Americans don’t  start learning a second language until they reach high school.

Teaching English abroad has become quite popular in recent years. With English classes in such high demand in most countries, what better way to travel the world while exposing yourself to new cultures and lifestyles. Some people choose to obtain a TEFL or TESOL certificate to be able to get paid to teach English in other countries. Others preferred a more relaxed setting by living with a host family and tutoring them.

The English Conversation Volunteers Abroad (ECVA) program places native English speakers with host families around the world. In exchange for living with the family, the volunteers tutors their hosts in conversational English. As you can imagine, each experience is unique and rewarding.

This blog offers a space to share experiences and funny stories our ECVA participants have along their journeys around the globe.  Check back for travel tips, teaching tools, cultural advice or just for a good laugh.  Remember – the world is your classroom. Get out there!


2 thoughts on “The World is Your Classroom

  1. Heidi, Good for you! You will have a blast. I’ll be leaving for Kazakhstan Sunday for a month. Let’s get together after we get back and swap stories! Jim

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